Anniversary of Max Adonnis' Murder

The day after St Patrick’s Day may be a little foggy to some, but I remember March 18, 1989 vividly. Every year on that date, I think about that Saturday morning in Milwaukee when Max Adonnis was shot and killed at Giovanni’s, the restaurant where I worked.

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  • Gavin Schmitt

    Do you have any photos of Giovanni’s or Adonnis? I have been trying to find a photo of the restaurant for months and cannot seem to locate one.

  • kate

    No photos, I’m sorry to say. I do have a couple of free drink cards and a couple of coffee cups with the Giovanni’s logo.

  • Eric

    Max Adonnis was my great uncle. I never met him, but I’ve heard stories. His mug shot and some photos of the restaurant can be found in this book, Milwaukee Mafia.

  • kate

    Max could be very charming, especially when he would burst out singing at the bar. Usually it was a Sinatra tune.l

  • Pooch

    Thank you for posting your memories of Max. I have some of the best memories of Max and dining there with family and friends. Though I was a young man he would treat me like I was special. If I was going to the Bucks game we would have dinner then Max would send you in a Limo down to the game.One of my best memories was Mother’s Day taking my mother to the game and Giovanni’s for dinner.I miss Max . I also courted my now wife at the restaurant and Mx helped me celebrate my father in law’s birthday.Thanks again.

  • Bill

    I worked for Max, John and Rosa for about 2 yrs in the early 80′s. Giovanni’s was just taking off, becoming the “in” spot to be. Myself and Joey LaGalbo were the evening barkeeps and we worked with a great group of people. Lynn, Micky, Suzie, Falicia and of course you had Max’s “butterflies” busing tables. As good as the food was, never be fooled that Max was not the reason that people came. They came to hear him sing, tell jokes, have their picture taken with him. He was probably the most effective front man that I have ever worked with.

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